Hello, and welcome the They Were Unashamed a webspace dedicated to the positive promotion of the clothes-free world.  There is no doubt the internet has plenty of information about our world, so why one more? The problem, most of it is not an appropriate reflection of who we are. Type, “nudism” or “naturist” or even clothes-free into a search engine and see where the highest links take you… actually, don’t do that, you’ll be highly disappointed. Our world is amazing, family-friendly, accepting of others.  We’re people of all races, religions, different political views a vast range of upbringings. Our community has a commonality that gives us a strong lasting bond, we enjoy life the way Nature and God intended it to be, free of this artificial skin we have forced ourselves into.

They Were Unashamed is singularly focused on the clothes-free world, nothing more.  We will not be promoting outside politics, or this lifestyle, or that religion, unless, it has a direct effect on our world.  We’re here to make friends, grow our world and have a positive effect on the clothes-free world. I will tell you, we will probably rub some the wrong way, we do believe there are those out there who pretend to promote the nude world and we will call them out, not by name, that’s not for us to do, but by their actions.

Take a look around. We’ll probably be a little rough around the edges as we grow.  Let us know what you think, the good and the bad we can take it and it just helps us grow. Want to be involved, let us know, we’ll love the help.

Thanks for stopping by and take care.